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Music is my Passion she says", for this Toronto Native. Valerie Shearman, is an accomplished vocalist and singer songwriter. Starting with a new beat of her Heart Immersed in music, Valerie began to play guitar at age nine. While in High School she caught the attention of producer Terry Shields, recognizing Valerie’s has a gift he then encouraged her to perform regularly with the show he produced called " The Oral Arts Festival of Ontario". While there she learned from other musicians her first taste of a musical collaboration, the experience would prove truly rewarding and would lead her to multiple recording projects in the future.

Valerie eventually met and married Toronto rocker and lead singer Buzz Shearman of the famed eighties rock band “MOXY” and gave birth to their son Jesse. While married at a young age, Valerie has never ceased to impress and  found a course and a direction that will help her realize her dream. Over the years Valerie hide her story about her mother being missing for so long, she started with a seed of an idea for over 6 years picking up and putting her paper down then finally found the courage to bring out her feelings. Her goal is to bring awareness to the public about the fact that this happens. This album to be release in September 2020 is self titled Valerie Shearman (She’s Everybody’s Daughter), As we all  feel the sorrow when we hear the news of someone missing.


Through this song, Valerie wants to bring this debilitating fact with her powerful singing voice and wonderful melody to tell her story with a message. This album coming up in September 2020 self titled (She’s Everybody’s Daughter) will ignite her audience with her powerful singing Range and wonderful melodies; you wont take a breath til her song is finished!!  With Valerie’s bold Spirit she Plans on so much more and I’m sure you will remember her voice once you hear her!


She's Everybody's Daughter

3. She's everybody's daughterVALERIE SHEARMAN
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1. BrokenValerie Shearman
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5. South side JaneValerie Shearman
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11. Feels like homeValerie Shearman
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Valerie Shearman another CASH BOX MAGAZINE discovery this year!!!...

Now do it again



Another gripping musical moment comes from singer/songwriter Valerie Shearman’s new single, “She's Everybody's Daughter.”

The song title refers to her own mother's story and is relatable to so many other stories of missing women. The searing and poignant relating of her mother’s tragedy is a heavy load the lady’s been carrying for many years and finally decided to lay down her burden in song.

“Through the years I never forgot my mother that was missing then found. I couldn’t help but hear this story over so many times in the news. I felt I had to get her story out. I felt passionate to write a song that was deep in my soul about this terrible but true fact that women go missing and sometimes never found. 

That was the seed I started with 10 years ago and I finally found the courage to bring out her story, hidden for so long. I hope it brings fresh awareness to this situation where thousands of women just disappear and are never found. There must be a way to stop this ongoing tragedy.”

The searing, streetwise rocker was written by Valerie Shearman, Blair Garrison and Mauro Giammarco, and performed by Valerie Shearman (vocals), Blair Garrison (bass and backup vocals), Daniel Addison (lead guitar), George Sandler on drums, backup vocals by John Johnson. 

“She's Everybody's Daughter “is available from the usual digital outlets


Listen here :

By: Lenny Stoute




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December 2020!!!

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Women on
Fire currently in its 3rd year.

The goal of the event is to help Canadian women performing music, to connect with each other, while also raising money for an anti-violence iniative. Highlighting dymanic female frontwomen, the women empower each other; networking and sharing opportunities for cross-promotion and increased visibity, while providing an uplifting night of LIVE music to event attendees.



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This video is a dedication to my mother Evelyn Corbett who went missing November 1968 found deceased in Calgary Alberta.

God Bless those still searching for loved ones


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